US company Intelsat has ordered two software-defined satellites from Thales Alenia Space. The Intelsat 41 (IS-41) and Intelsat 44 (IS-44) satellites, scheduled to enter service in 2025, will be based on Thales Alenia Space’s Space Inspire platform. IS-41 and IS-44 will provide commercial and government mobility services and cellular backhaul across Africa, Europe, the […]

Czech Space Alliance elected new members of executive board at general meeting in 2.12.2021 who are Ing. Richard Pavlica, Ph.D. representative of company 5M s.r.o., Ing. Marek Simcak, Ph.D. from BD Sensors, s.r.o. and Ing. Richard Sysala of esc Aerospace Company. s.r.o. Executive board elected a new president of the alliance, Richard Pavlica. Auditor of […]

Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), announced that it has signed a contract with SES to deliver 2 Ku-band geostationary satellites, ASTRA 1P and ASTRA 1Q to serve SES’s major European broadcasters’ content distribution operations as well as deliver connectivity services over Europe at 19.2°E. Configuration ASTRA 1Q, […]

1 September

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During the event for the recruitment of new members to the Czech National Registry of Marrow Donors, which took place in Uherské Hradiště as part of the Summer Film School on August 7-12, 2020, 244 new members were registered – new hopes for saving lives. We are glad that we were able to support such […]

Company 5M s.r.o. succeeded in the tender of a scientific mission under the European Space Agency (ESA) and will thus be involved in the PLATO project by supplying most of the structural elements of the satellite’s service module. A consortium of European companies led by OHB System AG and other partners Thales Alenia Space and […]

18 April

At Space we run at full speed, with the only difference that who does not have to be in the laboratory and production is at home office. Phone, skype, or webex have become an integral part of our work for several hours a day. The rest phone and email. At the moment we do not […]

Dear business partners,customers and colleagues, Present situation concerning Corovavirus pandemic COVID-19 thread constreins us to take internal actions to keep production continuity of 5M company. We hereby declare that 5M company will secure running production in maximal possible scope in all workshops to fulfill your orders.We do not plan any production stops and neither production […]

Brno Space Days – Days of South Moravian astronautics, which are a combination of events for the public, enthusiasts, experts and businessmen. Anyone interested in the universe will find its own. from Monday, March 2 to Wednesday, March 4, 2020. 5M has its panel here as part of a parallel exhibition. Details here: