The aircraft manufacture is a sphere involving the most demanding clients asking for top-class quality and the checking of components to be delivered. The 5M company has been acting in the aerospace industry since its very beginning, having started more than 20 years ago and as a result, our products can be found both in even the smallest sports airplanes and in big passenger airplanes made by the biggest world’s manufacturers.

The aerospace industry stands for higher requirements on qualitative production aspects. For that reason, our manufacture and processes have been certified in conformity with AS 9100 and POA.

Regarding our experience in that sector, we are also active in the astronautics, having long-term cooperation with ESA in R&D projects on new applications of composite materials with constructing satellites.

The main product designated for aviation applications is composite sandwich panels used to make aircraft skin or fuselage partitions in passenger airplanes (particularly e.g. cockpit walls for the crew’s rest on flight). This technology is also used for smaller airplanes with applying composite panels as the panelling of interior walls and ceilings or covers of hand-luggage above-head boxes. In addition to standard resins, aircraft floors are constructed also using our foil resin LF Technology enabling to manufacture fireproof floor sandwich panels. The construction gluing of mainly aluminium and composite materials can be done using our epoxide high-strength glue LETOXIT.





Products for aviation