The 5M s.r.o. Company has a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and many of our products bear the relevant certificates and quality assessments.

Implementation of legislative requirements is self-evident. Our top management is always involved in continuing to sustain the Company’s reputation and position in the global market for the supply of composites and sandwich materials and for providing a high quality service for its customers.

Vision statement of 5M

In order that this vision shall be implemented, the Company subscribes to the following principles:

  •  The primary objective of our business is the customers’ satisfaction. We shall make every effort to fulfil their expectations and requirements. We will create long-term partnerships based on mutual satisfaction.
  • We promote the performance of work free from any errors and the achievement of a zero level of complaints. We adhere to the principle of prevention rather than the solution of conflicts during the implementation processes.
  • We fight against complacency in regard to the quality of our services and of the technical calibre of our products. Innovation and sustainable development are our long-term goals. This applies to all the processes and all the departments of the 5M Company.
  • We consider as a prerequisite for the successful implementation of our quality policy the competence and proper motivation of our employees. We care about their professional and personal development, about improving their working conditions, about motivating them to a higher level of work efficiency; we guide them towards responsible and proactive conduct.
  • We have established standards for cooperation and communication in internal management, as well as in relation with customers and business partners.
  • We work only with reliable suppliers, whom we continually evaluate with regard to the effectiveness of our mutual cooperation.
  • The management system is developing systematically and in this manner we can provide continuous improvement to the quality of our service, and to the efficiency and competitiveness of the 5M s.r.o. Company.