About us

The 5M s.r.o. Company operates in the area of the development and manufacture of composite and sandwich materials and the manufacture of products for a wide variety of customers. We specialise in demanding applications and special products, for which the application of these types of materials is excellent. Over the years we have brought to the market a number of new products and key innovations. The vast majority of the products of the 5M s.r.o. Company are based on our own research and development. We maintain a laboratory with modern equipment and with eight researchers and the Company invests about 8% of its annual turnover in development. We are moving ahead with our plans to successfully initiate development projects in different areas and we also undertake applied research projects financed from external sources.

The 5M s.r.o. Company was founded in the year 1992. Its founders followed up on their earlier activities in the area of adhesives, composites and sandwich materials and the company thereby achieved rapid development. Currently the company has its own research & development centre with a laboratory, a modern manufacturing facility for pultrusion lines and a total production area of over 5000 m2, with 250 employees.

Based on our drive towards modern technology and our endeavours to continue to apply technological innovations, our company cooperates with a number of universities, scientific institutions and prestigious laboratories.

In the domestic market, the 5M s.r.o. Company, due to the exclusiveness and quality of its products, was quickly accepted in the top rank in this field and commenced cooperation with established foreign entities. In the year 1998, the Company became the exclusive representative in the CR for the Dutch company SABA.

The customers for the products of the 5M s.r.o Company are manufacturers of:

  • aircraft (transport, training and ultra-light)
  • rail vehicles and their accessories
  • road vehicles (buses, transport and passenger vehicles)
  • electrical equipment and components
  • textile and printing machines
  • sporting goods (skis, hockey sticks, kayaks, paddles, masts for boats)
  • model aeroplanes
  • trolley lines
  • and construction companies (reinforcing structures).