Composite sandwiches

An interesting alternative to aluminium sandwiches stands for using whole-composite sandwich panels with surface coating made of laminated plastic (fibreglass, carbon laminated plastic) and a core made of honeycomb (Nomex or aluminium) or foam.

This composition guarantees an extra light structure; and the way of manufacture allows us to glue in different inserts, reinforcements, edges or skirting. Our technology also enables manufacturing different dimensionally shaped panels (3D shapes).

We deliver standard composite panels with surface treatment (mainly lacquered), while the sandwich-panel composition and its surface treatment are designed to meet necessary fireproof standards (e.g. both in the aerospace industry and in the rolling-stock transport). Composite panels are primarily used for interior (or exterior) cladding or facing or walls or ceilings. Nevertheless, the range of their different applications is much wider.



  • high strength
  • high stiffness
  • very low weight (light structure)
  • possible production of 3D shapes


  • aviation (side panels, covers, radome)
  • railway (interior wall panels, covers)
  • shipbuilding
  • building

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