For already some time, the world of composite materials has been using pre-saturated fabrics generally well known under the name of prepreg.

Regarding the still-increasing interest in that dry way of manufacturing fibreglass products, we developed an alternative keeping all the advantages of working with prepreg, adding still something more. Considering a narrow relationship to prepreg technology, we called our alternative “semipreg” (i.e. fabric being one-side impregnated with foil-like resin).

Semipreg is a fabric impregnated from one side with foil resin LETOXIT LFX. The result is a great variability of the resulting semipreg composition because we can come from a wide offer of LETOXIT LFX resins. In addition to basic types, this allows us to also use semipreg with high thermal resistance (250°C), high impulse toughness, or semipreg complying with requirements of FAR 23 & FAR 25 standards.



  • solvent free technology (no hazard vapours released during the prepration and curing
  • faster production in comparison with liquid resins
  • great variability in composition
  • customer made
  • non-flammable versions (FAR 23, FAR 25, EN 45 545)


  • aviation
  • automotive
  • shipbuilding
  • composite panel sandwich production
  • health care
  • sport equipment
Semipregs Letoxit
Semipreg LETOXIT Area weight (g/m2) Ratio Reinforcement/Resin (%) Curing Characteristics
SGG 0101  456  47/53 60 min / 120°C waves permeable (RF), aviation, satellites, radomes
SGG 0301 400 50/50 60 min / 120°C self extinguishing (FAR 23)
SGG 0601 600 50/50 45 min / 120°C non – flammable (DIN 5510-2)
SGG 5001 650 60/40 30 min / 120°C fast curing
SGG 0105 400 50/50 60 min / 120°C all – purpose application (glass)
SGC 0206 400 50/50 60 min / 120°C all – purpose application (carbon)
SGC 0506 440 45/55 30 min / 120°C fast curing, higher ratio of resin, nice surface
Material composition
Semipreg LETOXIT Fabric (type, g/sqm, weave) Resin (type, g/m2) Temperature resistance (°C)
SGG 0101 glass, 216 g/sqm, satin epoxid, 240 g 100
SGG 0301 glass, 200 g/sqm, plain epoxid, 200 g 135
SGG 0601 glass, 300 g/sqm, twill fenol, 300 g 103
SGG 5001 glass, 390 g/sqm, twill epoxid, 260 g 100
SGG 0105 glass, 200 g/sqm, plain epoxid, 200 g 100
SGG 0206 carbon, 200 g/sqm, plain epoxid, 200 g 125
SGG 0506 carbon, 200 g/sqm, plain epoxid, 240 g 125

In case you didnt find the right composition of materials, our semipregs can be combined with any of our epoxy foil resins LETOXIT LFX.

Without the change of properties, the semipreg can be stored for 1 month at +20°C, for 4 months at 5°C and up to 1 year for –18°C. The temperature +30°C mustn’t be crossed during transport and storage.


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