Our company developed an extraordinary system how to sufficiently reinforce structures. The system is distributed under the brand name LETOXIT SILOSYST. It’s mainly composed of a carbon segment impregnated with the epoxide resin with two-component tixotropic glue called Letoxit LH 145 getting hardened in room temperatures.

The main sphere of application is the building engineering where those fibreglass straps can be used thanks to carbon-fibre excellent mechanical properties to reinforce concrete or other building structures, increase the load-bearing capacity of building structures (e.g. increasing a load-bearing capacity of floors because of installing new production machines) or renovate older concrete building units like bridges, for example. The SILOSYST system is also suitable for renovating monuments in conservation areas or sacral buildings where the reinforcements can be covered up easily not to disturb the original style of those structures.

In addition to concrete structures, the system is used to sufficiently reinforce steel and wooden structures at increased load, with damaged construction and to improve properties of current structures.

The equally important sphere of application consists of the aerospace industry when excellent mechanical properties of LETOXIT SILOSYST help reinforce wings (the main spar) or aircraft’s primary construction. When used in the aerospace industry, LETOXIT SILOSYST involves smaller adjustments compared to its application in the building engineering applications where there is the some tearing-away cloth on both sides of the carbon strip and after tearing it away, the surface is ready for gluing without any other demanding surface treatment. Nevertheless, the strength-emphasising gluing should rather combine glues LETOXIT PL 60 or PL 80.



  • minimum intervention in the original structure
  • chemical resistance
  • resistance to corrosion
  • high tensile strength
  • no interference with computer or mobile networks
  • low weight
  • thermal non-conductivity
  • easy manipulation


  • building and construction (reinforcement of structures)
  • aviation (reinforcement of the wings or structures)
Technical data
Tensile strength 2600 MPa
Modulus of elasticity in tension 170 GPa
Density 1600 kg/m3
Elongation in break 1,1 – 1,2 %
Colour black
Carbon fiber content 70%
Standard stripe dimensions (strip width x thickness) 15 x 1,4 mm
30 x 1,4 mm
50 x 1,4 mm
100 x 1,4 mm
100 x 1,2 mm
110 x 1,7 mm
120 x 1,4 mm


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