5M deployment system for Flexible Solar Arrays is part of two GEO satellites ordered by Intelsat


US company Intelsat has ordered two software-defined satellites from Thales Alenia Space.

The Intelsat 41 (IS-41) and Intelsat 44 (IS-44) satellites, scheduled to enter service in 2025, will be based on Thales Alenia Space’s Space Inspire platform.

IS-41 and IS-44 will provide commercial and government mobility services and cellular backhaul across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Intelsat said in the Jan. 12 announcement.

An artist’s depiction of Intelsat’s IS-41 and IS-44 software-defined satellites. Credit: Thales Alenia Space

Brno Space Technology Group leaded by 5M is working on Flexible Solar Array Deployment System developement within NOVACOM II project with Thales Alenia Space France. NOVACOM II is ESA project of Space Inspire platform development. Deployment System for SolarFlex suppose to be one of the most commercially successful project in Czech Republic.