Aluminium sandwiches

Whole-aluminium honeycomb sandwiches are mainly designated to be construction elements for the most demanding applications, for example when constructing passenger airplanes, parts of carbodies of rolling stock and road vehicles, or you can widely use them in also less demanding applications like different walls, partitions or covers. Regarding their ability of absorbing a great amount of energy, they are used like kinetic energy absorbers.

5M develops and manufactures aluminium sandwich panels with a honeycomb core in form of flat or shaped pieces (2D forms). Our technology allows us to make a sandwich panel according to our client’s requirements as for shapes, dimensions, a honeycomb cell size or quality of surface coatings. This can alternatively be made using inside (core-like) material which is basically an aluminium honeycomb structure even if the production technology also allows manufacturing sandwiches with a foam or plastic core.

Aluminium sandwich panels generally stand for their high mechanical resistance when keeping their very low weight. Regarding the production process, it’s possible to glue in different edges, inside reinforcing elements or other more complex customer structures, perforated honeycombs to evacuate air, metallic or other inserts (for holes or threads). As every demand is individual, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about the application you require.



  • high strength
  • high stiffness
  • very low weight (light structure)


  • aviation (seats, side panels, floor, landing gear box, wing flaps, bulkhead, seat energy absorbers)
  • railway (doors, partitions, floors, ramp for handicapped persons)
  • engineering (jigs, support constructions, elevators)

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