Space in 5M

At Space we run at full speed, with the only difference that who does not have to be in the laboratory and production is at home office. Phone, skype, or webex have become an integral part of our work for several hours a day. The rest phone and email. At the moment we do not see many reasons to slow down at our pace, even though some of our customers have closed down in Space. At the same time, it is very likeable by ESA that they have now cut payments for issued invoices from the original 30 days to one week to support companies in their efforts to keep everything running and on time. ESA is now also practically working at the home office and in our experience, cooperation remains very good. Even in this mode, we managed to complete the negotiation and complete the kick-off for a new project, even in record time. The project is carbon sandwich panels for Plato’s service module. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to keep everything in the current range and gradually return everything back to its original track soon. Richard Pavlica, Kunovice.