Composite sandwich panels PUROXIT® are a revolutionary construction element that will allow your project to significantly reduce the weight when keeping excellent mechanical properties. Thanks to our long-term experience in the sphere of composite materials, we developed sandwich composite panels making a special core material with a very low weight, having fibreglass coating on both sides.

Thanks to materials chosen in the product, PUROXIT® is 35% lighter than plywood with the same thickness, simultaneously keeping identical mechanical properties. In addition to its complete resistance to fire (and salt water, too), its additional bonus consists of sufficient thermally-insulating properties, with the ability of dampening noise. The most important feature of the panels is their fire-resistance while PUROXIT® panels meet the requirements on being used in public transport means in compliance with the German norm DIN 5510-2 or the new European norm EN 45 545. Owing to this fact, the product has become the main application in floor structures of trains, trams or buses.


  • very light material (35% lighter than plywood)
  • hight strength makes the board convenient material for transport vehicle floors
  • great thermal insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • non-flammable material (fulfilling the DIN 5510-2 and EN 45 545)
  • easy to glue
  • can be joined into large units, whereas the joints would not concentrate tension
  • waterproof (even in salt water)
  • possibility to shape (3D parts)


  • railway (floor in trains and trams)
  • buses (floor)
  • vans and small lorries (floor)
  • trailers (front side, floors)
  • building and construction
  • ship building
Technical specification
Dimension Value
width 1250 mm
length regarding customer´s wish (the production technology allows to make endless panel). But in practice there is recommended maximum length 13 m (due to transport)
thickness 15 mm
Skin (cover sheets) polyurethane resin
Skin thickness (mm) 2 x 1,5
Core foam
Area weight (kg/m2, thickness 15 mm) 6,5 ± 0,5
Compressive strength (MPa) 1,5
Compression modulus (MPa) 70
Stiffness (E*I) (kN*mm2) 2,1.102
Flexural modulus (MPa) 6 000*
Flexural modulus (MPa) 10 000**
Flexural strength (MPa) 100***
Shear strength (MPa) 0,8
Shear modulus (MPa) 25
Standards EN 45 545-2, DIN 5510-2
Acoustic insulation Rw (dB) 25
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0,0459
Temperature resistance (°C) -75 až +80
Heat transfer coefficient (W/m2K) 1,9

* calculated on the full thickness homogeneous material
** calculated on the supporting cover-layers only
*** span between supports edges 500 mm, width of the sample 100 mm


PUROXIT – leaflet Puroxit Brochure

PUROXIT – application in railway Leaflet Composite For Railway


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