The rolling-stock manufacture segment stands for a big part of the 5M company’s production portfolio. Thanks to our long-lasting activity in this sphere, we have become specialists in delivering interior parts of trains and trams being in full compliance with all new European standards (non-flammable class according to EN 45 545 or gluing according to DIN 6701), which is automatic for us.

Composite materials are a very light and firm construction element which allows for reducing the total weight of train or tram units (when keeping sufficient mechanical properties). The principal product for the rolling-stock traffic is sandwich panels and composite profiles. Light composite sandwich panels were developed to be applied in the interior panelling (and/or exterior one, alternatively) of walls (on car body). The panel-related composition is normally designed to exactly meet required conditions. That’s why every panel can have different properties in its different parts. Composite panels also include PUROXIT which are light panels substituting plywood in floor construction. This solution helps reduce the floor weight by up to 35%.

A big group of composite rolling-stock transport products consists of pultrusion profiles. They are predominantly used as interior covers (facing) of walls and ceilings, or exterior side- or roof covers, as the case may be. Last but not least, pultrusion profiles are used in the floor frame structure substituting aluminium or steel beams. Compared to metal materials, composite ones have excellent thermally-insulation properties and they don’t corrode.



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