Other industries

Given its excellent properties (low weight; resistance to corrosion and chemicals; thermally insulating material), composite materials are widely applied in almost all production sectors. We successfully deliver our products to be used in the building industry, in electrical engineering applications, to manufacture sports accessories or machines.

In addition to standard composite products like pultrusion profiles or sandwich panels, we also produce epoxide glues or epoxide resins for industrial use. As for glues, we have long-term experience including our own laboratory and necessary testing equipment to develop and test new glues.


  • Insulators
  • Windows system construction
  • Office partitions construction
  • Semitrailer parts
  • Motorcycle tuning parts
  • Skis, canoes, paddles, bows and arrows production
  • Explosion reverse flaps in pipelines
  • Machine covers, functional flat machine boards, measuring and checking devices
  • Paper processing machine parts
  • Insulating profiles in freezers
  • Kitchen boards


Products for the industry