5M owner Richard Pavlica was selected as a new president of Czech Space Alliance

Czech Space Alliance elected new members of executive board at general meeting in 2.12.2021 who are Ing. Richard Pavlica, Ph.D. representative of company 5M s.r.o., Ing. Marek Simcak, Ph.D. from BD Sensors, s.r.o. and Ing. Richard Sysala of esc Aerospace Company. s.r.o. Executive board elected a new president of the alliance, Richard Pavlica.

Auditor of the alliance was re-elected Ing. Tomáš Vlček, Ph.D. from company TOSEDA s.r.o.

Czech Space Alliance brings together companies involved in space activities across the Czech Republic. The goal of the Alliance is development of space industrial activities in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on competences increase of Czech companies and obtaining comprehensive contracts with high added value, for which is essential support of state institutions, especially the Ministry of Transport managing Czech contribution to European Space Agency (ESA). One of the biggest successes of the Alliance members is Flexible Solar Array Mechanical Subsystem for Thales Alenia Space France. Flexible solar arrays are new generation of solar panels. First contract for delivery of these panels for telecommunication satellites was signed In mid-November 2021. Other significant successes include the development of flight software for the TRITON-X microsatellite constellation and the delivery of the Space Rider subsystem (Space Reusable Integrated Demonstrator for Europe Return).
Newly elected Executive Board will focuse, among other things, to increase the promotion and popularization of Czech industrial activities.