Epoxy adhesives

Once being hardened, epoxide glues generally have excellent resistance of glued joints in wet places, with mechanical stress and at high or contrarily low temperatures. For that reason, they are currently applied in lots of products where the gluing process seems to be the most suitable one. Our assortment offers standard types of epoxide glues but based on our clients’ requirements, we are able to develop special types of glues for particular applications and processes.

Epoxide glues LETOXIT® LH include a whole range of glues suitable for gluing lots of materials, normally differing in their time of processability, time of hardening, strength in slide or thermal resistance. They can be used to glue wood, fibreglass, metals and also plastics (ABS, PE, PS).

Our epoxide glues are mainly used in manufacturing sports accessories (skis, ice-hockey sticks, snowboards, bows), manufacturing boats or in generally in the mechanical engineering. If a process requires gluing high-strength metal joints (aerospace and/or automotive industry), our assortment includes epoxide glues LETOXIT® KFL and LETOXIT® PL  to glue constructional metallic joints.



  • excellent mechanical properties
  • cure at room temperature
  • large selection of types for different applications
  • chemical resistance of adhesives
  • long-term material resistance


  • sport equipment (skis, snowboards, bows, hockey sticks)
  • engineering (elements in electric motors, clamping of magnets in machine tools)
  • aviation
  • production of means of transport
  • shipbuilding


Two component epoxy adhesives Letoxit
LETOXIT Pot life Manipulation strenght (25 °C) Final strength (25 °C) Description Tech. data sheet
LH 21 60 min 24 h 48 h all-purpose epoxy adhesive  TL LH 21 EN
LH 87 30 min 24 h 48 h heat conductive  TL LH 087 EN
LH 92 60 – 70 min 24 h 48 h low viscosity, impregnation and gluing in one step  TL LH 092 en
LH 103 50 – 60 min 24 h 48 h low viscosity, impregnation and gluing in one step (thixotropic)  TL LH 103 en
LH 145 60 min 24 h 48 h gluing of concrete, wood, ceramics  TL LH 145 en
LH 149 60 – 90 min 24 h 7 days gluing of sandwich panels, extra strong  TL LH 149 en
LH 167 40 min 3 – 4 h 48 h transparent, glass gluing  TL LH 167 en
LH 190 40 min 24 h 7 days high temperature resistance  TL LH 190 en
LH 193 30 min 60 min 3 h 30 minutes thixotropic  TL LH 193 en
LH 195 25 – 35 min 24 h 48 h low viscosity, impregnation and gluing  in one step (stone)  TL LH 195 en
LH 214 50 min 3 h 3 days all-purpose aplication in egineering, contains corrosion inhibitor, suitable for stainless steel  TL LH 214 en
LH 229 60 min 6 h 24 h epoxy paste (production of models)  TL LH 229 en
LH 232 30 – 40 min 4 h 48 h all-purpose sealant/adhesive  TL LH 232 en
LH 274 3 min 30 min 24 h 5 minutes transparent  TL LH 274 en

Packaging adhesives:

  • package: 5 kg, 10 kg plastic bucket
  • minimal order:  11kg of system (component A and B together)
  • possible supply in the cartridges (minimal order 1000 pcs.)
One component epoxy adhesives Letoxit
Type Viscosity (Pa.s) Shear strength (MPa) Tg (°C) Curing temperature/time Description Colour Tech. data sheet
LH 161 160 10 100 120°C/60 min very light non-flammable filler (density 695 Kg/m3) for aviation, FAR 25 white  TL LH 161 en
LA 007 1,8 – 2,2 20°C/3-5 min* UV cured crystal transparent  TL LA 007 en

*UVA lamp 315 – 400 nm

Packaging adhesives:

  • package: 5 kg, 10 kg plastic bucket


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