30The Power Control and Distribution Unit (PCDU) cover is handed over to 5M by Airbus Defense and Space, S.A.U. and the European Space Agency during October. This special cover is designed for a space probe that will fly on a JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) mission. The planned mission will begin in 2022 and the spacecraft will fly to planet Jupiter and its three largest moons, Ganymede, Callist and Europe.


As part of the project, 5M developed and successfully tested the technique of bonding the lead shielding layer to an aluminum alloy support plate, as well as the ultrasonic method for non-destructive inspection of glued joints. During the project, the final design of the entire enclosure was also gradually changed and optimized, so that the shielding eventually became a supporting part of the probe. In September 2032, the spacecraft enters orbit around Ganymede for its science mission at close range and becomes the first spacecraft to orbit a moon other than the Earth Moon. Thus, 5M sends another of its signatures to space.