Tram ForCity Alfa

Prague public Transit Company has taken over the last of 250 ForCity Alfa tram. One of the biggest orders in history of the Pilsen Skoda, was closed.

“5M has been involved in the production of a part of the exterior and the interior of the tram. For example above the windows panel and the upper advertising panel. It´s not the only one project with Skoda Transportation, each new project represents innovation in the field of transport, and for us it is also a challenge for further development of composite materials, so we look forward to another long-term cooperation, “said Ondřej Vašťák, Head of Sales Department at 5M.

The ForCity Alfa low-floor tram is the world’s first mass-produced tram with swivel chassis and a unique drive. With a length of 31.4 m and a width of less than 2.5 m, can accommodate up to 180 passengers (61 seats). In 2015 there was a change of design interior of the tram. Several technical innovations that increased the comfort of traveling, including air conditioning and Wi-Fi. A total of six double-door doors will allow passengers a very fast exit and boarding. With the smooth crossing of the tramway curves, shortens driving times and speeds up the traffic.